The investor relations team

Please contact our shared email or reach out to one of the team members below. We encourage all shareholders and investment professionals to contact us, should you have any questions or requests concerning Novozymes.


Tobias Cornelius Björklund, Head of investor relations

+45 3077 8682


Carl Ahlgren, Investor relations officer (US)

+1 919 702 6144
+45 3077 2783

Naja Wivel, Investor relations coordinator

+45 3077 2076

Ulrik Wu Svare, Investor relations officer

+45 3077 3187


It is Novozymes’s objective to have a stable, long-term focused, diversified base of institutional investors that share the company’s vision and strategy. Investor Relations supports this by:

  • Creating long-term value through effective, insightful and open two-way communication the capital markets based on relevant, accurate, balanced and timely information as a basis for regular trading and fair pricing of Novozymes shares
  • Maintaining an ongoing relationship with the capital markets to ensure Novozymes is perceived as a visible, accessible, reliable and professional company
  • Conveying information from the capital markets back to Novozymes’ Executive Leadership Team and the Board of Directors
  • Providing investors with insights into Novozymes at the Annual Shareholders Meeting
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant rules and regulations

Investor Relations are responsible for planning, prepare and organize written and oral communication with the capital markets. In this respect, spokespersons are, unless otherwise agreed, the Executive Leadership Team and Investor Relations. Investor Relations is to be present at all interactions between company representatives and the capital markets. The primary interactions are roadshows, broker conferences, investor meetings and Capital Market Days. When asked to review analyst draft reports and financial models, Investor Relations will merely correct historical factual information, point out information that is publicly available in the public domain and discuss generally the factors that might influence the underlying assumptions used for future projections.